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By Gavin Middlewood

Forty three Team-building actions for Key level 1 presents basically written lesson plans aimed toward enhancing more than a few social and actual talents, in addition to stimulating kid's imaginations via a chain of fascinating difficulties and situations. From saving an endangered animal to surviving an alien invasion, the kids are put in problematical occasions during which they'll have to interact to discover an answer. not just will the actions boost your students' PSHE abilities - development their vainness and assisting them to paintings with a associate or in a small workforce - they're going to additionally enhance crucial move talents: agility, stability and co-ordination.

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You will need your arms and legs to swim, so can you balance the treasure chests between your chests? Focus Cooperation, coordination Number in group 2 Equipment Large balls Skipping ropes or markers to define play areas Aim To transport the balls across the playing area without dropping them, or using hands. Instructions 1. Use skipping ropes or markets to show where the two ships are situated. 2. Divide the children into pairs. 3. Each pair will need to place the ball between their chests and travel back to ‘The Golden Parrot’ without the ball dropping.

So, it’s time to climb into your diggers and to work hard until your buckets are full of fantastic, colourful treasure! Instructions 1. Sort the children into groups of miners and give each group a basket (hoop). The rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds (beanbags) need to be scattered around the playing area. 2. Tell the miners that they must collect one of each of the jewels and return them to their bucket (hoop) following these movement rules: (i) Medium Focus Coordination, problem solving Number in group 2–5 Equipment Hoops Red, blue, green and yellow bean bags Aim To transport a beanbag of each colour back into the hoop in the designated manner.

3. The child(ren) with a map (colour sequence card) will shout out the first colour on their list. It is up to the explorer to throw their rock into a hoop of that colour. If they are successful then they can move to that hoop. Then the second colour is read out, and so on. If the throw misses the designated hoop, then the explorer must return to the start! 34 43 Team-building Activities for Key Stage 1 © Gavin Middlewood and Andrew Debenham Hint: Make sure that the required jump is not too great as the hoops can slide easily along wooden floors.

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