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context, and historic background.
Buddhism deals a number of methods to rouse the enlightened nature
of the brain. the real nature of the brain is enlightened, the utmost
peace, openness, and omniscience. Conceptual notions of forms,
words, and emotions are mere designations created and felt through the dualistic
mind, all rooted in greedy at a "self," perceived as a very existing
entity. hence, whilst the enlightened nature of the brain is awakened,
our greedy mentality dissolves and the entire psychological objects-the
whole universe-are woke up because the Buddhafield, the features of the
enlightened nature.

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Don't make wicked jokes. t rake joy. in disparaging others. about him to others, but, even if you've been hurt, strive to extoll the fine· qualities of others without framing any blame. Don't wait for an opportunity. When someone else has hurt you, you might keep it in mind and even though many years should·· pass, retaliate when the opportunity to inflict injury occurs: don't. In response ro injury, do whatever you can to help. As for harm inflicted by demons and such, don't cling to the injury, but meditate only on love and compassiOn.

Change your inclination and then maintain it. In order to change and reverse your previous inclination to be concerned for yourself and not for others, make the welfare of others your only concern. Since all mind training should be done with little fanfare but great decisiveness, maintain your outward conduct in harmony with that of all your Dharma companions and 4) others while you work to mature your stream of consciousness unnoticed by others. Do not discuss defects. 49 Speak directly on pleasing topics with a gentle and friendly expression.

When you're suffering, there is no need to be depressed, since, when you look at the essence of sorrow, it arises as emptiness. However much suffering there is then enriches the treasury of Dharmadhatu. If all these occur, it is good; it is sufficient to carry them as aids for application. This last is an instruction not to abandon the four Dharmas for ever-present emotions, but to apply them, Also: 1. 2. 3. 4. There's a great counteTWeight for comfort There's a great way to terminate suffering There is fulfillment in the most undesirable And evzJ views can be grasped as wholesome.

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