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A key labelled "Num Lock" (or alternatively, 'Func Lock') will act as a 'toggle switch', such that one press will change the keypad from one mode of action to the other, and a second press will change it back again. A light on the 'Num Lock' key will indicate which of the modes is operative at any time. If the light is on on the 'Num Lock' key, then the keypad will act as a 'number pad' and may be used to type numbers. When this keypad is in 'function mode', pressing the various keys will cause the cursor to move on the screen (typically, within a file containing text or numbers).

E. a coded value) is the subject of considerable debate. (In statistical analysis, different criteria apply to true numbers and to codes. ) Collecting and Coding Data 23 Some people would argue that the fact that numbers are used in 5-point and 7-point scales does not make the variable numeric, and that responses to such scales should be treated only as codes. Others, however, are happy to treat such data as numeric. Information concerning the variable type is for the user's reference only. It may be entered in the codebook but is not at any stage entered into the SPSS/PC+ system.

Column 4 might contain the data for the variable sex. In this example, if 1 has been used as the code for males then we could see from the dataset that subjects 1, 3, and 6 are male and that subjects 2, 4 and 5 are female. Collecting and Coding Data 31 Columns S-6 might represent the variable age- the age of the respondents in years. If the survey included only children under 10 then a single column might be assigned (or we might then want to specify age in months and use three columns). It's good practice to be generous in allowing column assignment, although over-generosity may lead to the tedious task of entering lots of unnecessary 0 values.

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