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By John R. Kirkup

ISBN-10: 1846284430

ISBN-13: 9781846284434

First a part of the publication offers a distinct and coherent examine of normal amputations because of congenital absence, disorder, frostbite, pollutants, household and wild animal trauma, and non-medical purposes concerning punitive, ritual and criminal judgements. Following the advent of gun powder within the fifteenth century, surgical motion turned major. the next improvement of surgical amputation and its problems shape a huge a part of the ebook, summarising the evolution of the keep watch over of haemorrhage and an infection, discomfort reduction, ideas, instrumentation, issues, prostheses, effects and case histories. moreover, replacement systems, more and more vital within the final centuries, are debated and components linked to self-amputation in extremis, now not as infrequent in keeping with press reviews, also are examined.
This richly illustratedbook may be of curiosity to clinical and social historians, surgeons, limb-fitting surgeons and prosthetists, anaesthetists, limb brands, social historians, ethnologists and amputees.

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6 The victim was then transported 18 miles for an immediate formal below-knee amputation from which he eventually recovered. 7 To bring this relatively rare but dramatic accident nearer our own time, the recent obituary of a former merchant marine officer recorded that in 1944 he sustained compound fractures of both legs when a rope, mooring a 20,000-ton vessel, parted and the recoil knocked him off his feet. 8 Arms and legs are also vulnerable to the bites of sharks and crocodiles. Boyle recorded four victims of shark bites involving young sailors swimming or simply dangling their feet in the Sierra Leone River between 1827 and 1830.

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