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By Willis AIREY, With B&W illus.

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20 The passage from Sefer Tah. kemoni reads as follows in English translation: “I was asleep but my heart was awake, in a sea of fire tempestuous and aflame. And my intellect aroused me from my sleep of folly [alHarizi: wa-ya#ireni mi-shnat sikhli sikhli; El#azar: bney sikhlut / bney sekhel] . and instructed me and said to me: O you son of man, what mean you that you sleep? Open the eyes of your thought and marshall the troops of your musing and the advance guards of your tongue. Gird up your loins and clothe yourself with zeal for the God of hosts and for the holy tongue which was once the language of prophecy [al-Harizi: leshon ha-qodesh .

Without honey are the lips of the fawn seemly sweet; his stature like a topmost branch; my heart refused to be chastised by him; I will not exchange or have any other in his place. à"ì ìáz í%àð íéðáe íéða úî$àá änäå ¯ íà éð#àå íàéð#à äëëéàå Homonyms by Judah al-Harizi in Honour of the Honourable Members of the Karaite . Community in Damascus”, Qovez ‘al yad 18 (28), 2005, pp. , “A Collection of Homonyms by al-Hassan (Meir) ben El#azar”, Tarbiz 68, 1999, pp. 211–271; A.

Cohen, “A Poet’s Biblical Exegesis”, JQR XCIII, Nos. 3–4, 2003, pp. 533–556. 6 See the bad¯ı #iyya of the poet Saf¯ıyy ad-D¯ın al-Hill¯ı (c. 1278 – c. 7 For instance, on ˙gul¯uw (“extravagance; hyperbole”) he says: wahuwa an yubligh f¯ı—"l-was. f il¯a—"l-gh¯aya -l-qus. w¯a ka-qawlihi: wa-akhafta (in the MS: sama #ta) ahla sˇ-ˇsirki hatt¯a innah¯u // latak. ¯afuka -n-nutafu llat¯ı lam tukhlaq¯ı—What is ˙gul¯uw?

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