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By Keat Peng Goh

ISBN-10: 9675832738

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If all doors and windows are arbitrarily shut, no fresh air comes into the room and the atmosphere becomes stuffy, unhealthy and oppressive. Then the occupants would have no choice but to find a way to let themselves out for their own sake. They must go out and fill their lungs with fresh air, as per their Creator’s kind provision. And if they had been allowed the freedom to do so in the first place, they would willingly have returned to the room infused with good oxygen and gone about their normal lives.

If a tabulation of such incongruous and inexplicable occurrences is widely disseminated by the time general elections are called anywhere, it will open many more eyes and ears to the staggering magnitude of strange occurrences for which there are no satisfactory or believable answers. Can any sitting government in any working democracy in the world survive such appearances of misdeed? When people lose savings, jobs, property and homes while the entrenched monopolists of the world continue to favour themselves and use their ill-gotten powers to personally thrive, protestations will surely take place and continue despite the inconvenience that protestors and demonstrators have to endure, the risks they have to face, and the sacrifices they have to make.

How would the city or country have suffered had the barricades not even been there in the first place? As someone had so simply put it to this author, the strong- arm tactics visited upon the demonstrators, the hue and cry over the dismantling of some metal fencing, the confiscating of scores upon scores of cameras that had captured the events of the day, the shooting of canisters upon canisters of tear gas into the crowds, the beatings that so many people received, the numerous arrests made, the temporary closure of the nearest LRT station which effectively stopped hundreds upon hundreds of people from leaving the scene ...

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