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By Mir Amman, Mohammed Zakir

ISBN-10: 0140455183

ISBN-13: 9780140455182

A stunning Urdu epic that inspires a mystical Indo-Muslim world

initially composed within the fourteenth century and made favored in 1803 via Mir Amman's colloquial retelling, this splendidly interesting tale paints a portrait of and colourful time and position. In depression at having no son to be triumphant him, the king of Turkey leaves his palace to stay in seclusion. quickly in a while, despite the fact that, he encounters 4 wandering dervishes-three princes and a wealthy merchant-who were guided to Turkey via a supernatural strength that prophesied their assembly. because the 5 males sit down jointly at nighttime sharing their stories of misplaced love, an impressive panorama unearths courtly intrigue and romance, fairies and djinn, oriental gardens and extravagant feasts.

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