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By Michael A. Orloff

ISBN-10: 3319294369

ISBN-13: 9783319294360

This textbook palms the reader with robust concepts of contemporary TRIZ self-training and actual challenge fixing. it truly is designed as an easy and effective, step by step crash direction in fundamental TRIZ versions in accordance with the author's tools of extraction and reinvention, or retrieval of invention versions from any real-life gadgets. particular content material addresses the mental aid of the individual in the course of challenge fixing and promoting of the recent suggestion to cognizance. The e-book introduces the so-called idea of constructing the inventive character (TDCP), initiated yet no longer accomplished by way of Genrikh Altshuller, father of TRIZ and TDCP. The textbook maintains to advance an easy commonplace version presentation of the matter fixing strategy with a four-step Meta-Algorithm of Invention (MAI) T-R-I-Z.

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On the contrary, normalization of thinking processes creates a special "attitude" which is conducive to manifestation of intuition. 25 Rapid global expansion of TRIZ started in 1995 to 1996 when international business newspapers published stories about multi-million purchases by Motorola and Mitsubishi of thousands of licenses for the world’s first sensational TRIZ-based software package called Inventing Machine. The package carried a defiant slogan: Software That Invents. Few people knew then that development of the package had started almost 10 years ago in Minsk in line with a conceptual framework designed by, and under the management of, V.

Where all required resources are extracted from the problem situation! This does not mean that there are no unsolvable problems. There are plenty. But very often we capitulate before we solve the problem. " Because we fail to use more efficient methods to find ideas for possible solutions. Man invents both the purpose and the way to achieve it! Man does what is deemed undoable! He puts together what is deemed incompatible! And he performs that feat in unexpected, often inconceivable ways. What makes this possible—knowledge or art, natural laws or intuition, assiduous work or inspiration, blind luck or routine experience and common sense?

How can one guarantee reliable protection of the stars in case of heavy storms and at the same time keep the construction simple and the expenditure of energy efficient? 1. Miracle of Invention 11 Problem Р4. How Do You Make a "Magic Faucet"? This faucet14 is a well-loved tourist attraction in Aqua Park on Tenerife, one of the largest Spanish Canary Islands. The stream of water issuing from the faucet (fig. 5), which apparently hangs in midair, astounds even those who know how this thing works.

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