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By as-Sayyid Murtadã al-‘Askarī (Translated by M. J. Muqaddas)

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39 8) Ahmed Amin. One of todays historians who has used the analytical method of recording the stories is Ahmed Amin. In his book Fajrol Islam concerning Persians* and their effect on Islam he writes, "The main difference between the Mazdak's religion and other religions was its socialistic idea. Mazdak believed in the equality of man by birth and stated that they must, therefore, have equal opportunities for their livelihood. He saw the most important issues in the equality of man as being wealth and women, these being the cause of all disagreements.

THE ORIGIN OF THE STORY The tale of ‘Abdullãh Bin Saba΄ is over twelve centuries old. Historians and writers, one after the other recorded it, adding more and more to it. All historians agree that the story was told first of all by Saif. The following historians recorded directly from Saif:1) Tabari. 2) Dhahabi — He has also cited from Tabari. 3) Ibn Abi Baker — He has also recorded from Ibn Athīr 15, who has recorded from Tabari. 4) Ibn `Asãker. The following have recorded indirectly from Saif:5) Nicholson from Tabari 2.

It remains for acute scholars like yourself to distinguish between the genuine and the false. In discussing a number of topics mentioned by Saif, the argument is conducted in a very effective manner, first giving Saif's account and then comparing it with accounts given by others. This careful comparison deals both with the material and the sanad, and it is shown that Saif often quotes men who are unknown. This raises the question why none of them should have been quoted by other transmitters, and leads one further to suggest that Saif has invented them.

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