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By A.Y.C. Nee, K. Whybrew, A. Senthil kumar

ISBN-10: 1447121198

ISBN-13: 9781447121190

Fixtures are an important to new production strategies and mostly dictate the extent of flexibleness a producing procedure can in achieving. Advanced Fixture layout for FMS presents a scientific foundation for the choice and layout of fixturing structures. It supplies a overview of the present cutting-edge of versatile and reconfigurable fixturing platforms. fresh advancements in layout technique utilizing CAD are analysed intensive. Fixture layout is noticeable as an inseparable a part of technique making plans. the first aim of a fixture process is to make sure that the half being synthetic may be made continuously in the tolerance laid out in the layout. a brand new approach to tolerance research is used to ascertain the suitability of position surfaces and the series of operations and is defined in detail.

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24 Advanced F'JXture Design for FMS • used. type of support The decision must be made whether fixed or adjustable supports are This is influenced by: • • • • • • • tolerance on design dimensions; accuracy of workpiece blank; strength and stiffness of workpiece; automatic or manual fIXture loading; clamping forces; machining forces. type of clamp The type of clamp, whether it is to be manually or automatically operated, self-retracting, etc must be specified. This is influenced by: • • • • • • • • • • • • • automation techniques to be employed; method of loading of fIXture; size and shape of the workpiece; factory standards; desired clamping force; range of clamp movement; machining envelope; operator safety; ease of use; cost analysis; swarf clearance; clamping sequence.

If A is a centre of rotation the workpiece may rotate in a clockwise direction losing contact with B and C. The holding force must provide a counter-clockwise moment about A to prevent this. The workpiece will be prevented from rotating if the holding force passes between locators A and C. 21 Plane of application of holding force The second condition is that friction is low enough for sliding between the locators and workpiece to occur. In this case there are two possible instantaneous centres of rotation within the workpiece.

T; ~'< - ... ~~ i;!. I::) ~;e ~~ • Cl ..... :::. 'j ~. -- . J , e ~ ~ 0 6 8~ c:: ~ ~ 0 rae 0 ~ ~ a e; 46 Advanced Fixture Design for FMS imposed on the designer. During each phase tentative designs are developed which include aspects of all the design outcomes. It should be noted that although the design outcomes are developed concurrently, the design inputs are serial iUld the design iterations within each phase of the design only consider a limited set of criteria. Henricksen's book, Jig and Fixture Design Manual, offers an alternative procedure which is more in keeping with modern concepts of concurrent engineering and design practice [13].

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