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By Duixian Liu; et al

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The chip and its antenna have been encapsulated using standard mold materials with an interconnect loss of less than 2 dB across the industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) band. The cavity-backed antenna decouples the design from the physical properties of the package such as dimensions and mold materials. The antenna performance shows an extremely low sensitivity to the cavity manufacturing tolerances and uncertainties of the mold material dielectric properties, being a key factor enabling the use of the presented low-cost packaging technology at mmWave frequencies.

Lebedew in Moscow [4]. Surprisingly, Bose demonstrated remote wireless signaling at mmWave frequencies in 1895, two years before Marconi presented his wireless signaling experiment on Salisbury Plain in England in May 1897. While Bose used frequencies as high as 60 GHz, Marconi transmitted at much lower frequencies (328 kHz). g. transmitter, detector, and horn antenna used by J. C. 1 [5]. Today one may wonder why mmWave and radio communication systems have not penetrated everyday applications in the same way?

Martin, ‘Cell phones face extinction as smartphones take over’, InformationWeek, Tuesday April 1, 6:00 AM ET. id=1019 [December 29, 2008]. [3] D. Riley, ‘GPhone prototype debuts at mobile world congress’, Tech Crunch, February 11, 2008. [4] A. ’, Google Blog, November 11, 2007. html [December 29, 2008]. [6] B Gaucher, B. Floyd, S. Reynolds, U. Pfeiffer, J. Grzyb, A. Joseph, E. Mina, B. Orner, H. Ding, R. Wachnik, and K. Walter, ‘Silicon germanium based millimetre-wave ICs for Gbps wireless communications and radar systems’, Semiconductor Science and Technology 22(1) (2007), S236– S243.

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