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By D. Dudley Williams (auth.), John F. Flannagan, K. Eric Marshall (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1461330688

ISBN-13: 9781461330684

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Phylogenetic evidence indicates that cool-adapted South American Leptophlebiidae are related to confamilials occurring in the mountain waters of Southeastern Australia (including Tasmania), New Zealand, New Caledonia, Madagascar and South Africa. This study revealed that most genera from South America are more closely related to genera from Australia than to those occurring in the other continents. INTRODUCTION The Leptophlebiidae comprise one of the largest and most distinctive families of mayflies.

Larve no. 3 Demoulin, 1970:7. OboriphZebia quarta Hubbard & Kukalova-Peck. NEW SPECIES. Protereisma sp. (nymph no. 4) Kukalova, 1968:318, fig. 5. , 1arve no. 4 Demoulin, 1970:7. OboriphZebia quinta Hubbard & Kuka1ova-Peck. NEW SPECIES Protereisma sp. (nymph no. 5) Kukalova, 1968:318, fig. 6. , 1arve no. 5 Demoulin, 1970:7. 30 NICHAEL D. HlLA KUKALOVA-PECK Oboriphlebia (named for Obora in Noravia), for which the family Oboriphlebiidae is established. Nymphs nos. 3, 4, and 5 of Kukalova (1968) are named as new species in Oboriphlebia (0.

Hennig (1966), Mayr (1969), and Ross (1974) all claimed to develop phylogenies based on shared, derived characters. While Hennig (1966) developed the rule of shared, derived characters, Ross (1937) used the same rule and similar methods some 29 years earlier. Hennig (1966) developed a set of rigid principles and methods for phylogenetic reconstruction and classification; however, many of these methods remain in a theoretical stage of development. Mayr (1969) contended that precise and rigid methods for phylogenetic reconstruction were nearly impossible to write and would not allow taxonomists to express clearly their ideas concerning evolution of groups.

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