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By J. Thomas August, M. W. Anders, Ferid Murad, Joseph T. Coyle

ISBN-10: 0120329409

ISBN-13: 9780120329403

Each one quantity of Advances in Pharmacology offers a wealthy selection of reports on well timed issues. Emphasis is put on the molecular bases of drug motion, either utilized and experimental.

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The cell surface (SU) and transmembrane (TM) polypeptides associate to form the A B FIGURE 2 Map of integrated MMTV. (A) The three major transcripts described in the text are shown. The large arrow denotes the major transcription initiation site; small arrows denote other reported sites, as described in the text. (B) Relative position of the major transcriptional regulatory sequences. MGE, mammary gland enhancer; MGF/STAT, STAT consensus sequence; NBP, negative binding protein; GRE, glucocorticoid response element; NF-1, nuclear factor 1; Oct-1, octamer binding factor 1.

BALB2 Eltv-DDO Y W R G T G M - R DLNLFBKSRE EVQKH-LIDS ID-ALPL--S Y - - V...... N... E. R - . . - - A 2 2 2 MMTV (SW) Eltv-7 Eltv-43 YIYLGTGM-N F'WGKIBDYTE EGAIAKIIYN IKYTHGGRIG FDPF L.. I... V. L.. M 6 6 6 ............. .......... ........................... .... .... FIGURE 4 Diagram of the MMTV Sag protein. (A) Structure of the protein. The black box denotes the transmembranc domain whereas the stippled box denotes the hypervariable domain.

Regulation of MMTV Transcription For most retroviruses, including MMTV, the LTRs contain the major transcription start site and the regulatory regions necessary for determining the level of RNA produced by cells containing integrated proviruses. One of the earliest observations made about MMTV was that pregnancy or glucocorticoids and progesterone dramatically increased viral transcription and, as a consequence, virus production, as much as SO-fold (Bittner, 1958). The progestin/glucocorticoid receptor antagonist RU486 inhibits this induction.

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