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By John Scalzi

ISBN-10: 1429952121

ISBN-13: 9781429952125

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Publisher: Tor Books
Publication Date: 2010-07-14
Number of Pages: 25
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In a universe of harsh interstellar clash, the perform of interspecies diplomacy-when possible-is vital. So being a Colonial Union officer hooked up to an interplanetary diplomatic challenge occasionally skill taking a fall. Literally.

John Scalzi's Old Man's War was once the most renowned SF debut novels of the decade; its sequels are The Ghost Brigades, The final Colony,and Zoe's Tale. different novels include The Android's Dream and Agent to the celebrities. His number of fabric from his web publication The no matter what, Your Hate Mail can be Graded, won the Hugo Award in 2009. He gained the loo W. Campbell Award for most sensible New author in 2006, and was once elected President of the technological know-how Fiction Writers of the United States in 2010.

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Louis Wu followed the puppeteer out of the booth and into the dim, luxurious interior of a restaurant. He recognized the place by the black-and-gold decor and the space-wasteful configuration of horseshoe booths. Krushenkos, in New York. Incredulous whispers followed in the path of the puppeteer. A human headwaiter, imperturbable as a robot, led them to a table. One of the chairs had been removed at that table and replaced by a big square pillow, which the alien placed between hip and hind hoof as it sat down.

Her hair glowed by its own light, a stream of orange and yellow flame darkening to smoke. In that light the rest of Teela was shadow touched by the flickering light of her hair. But Louis’s memory filled in the details: the long, perfect legs, the conical breasts, the delicate beauty of her small face. He had first seen her four days ago, on the arm of Tedron Doheny, a spindly crashlander who had journeyed to Earth for the party. “I thought you were Paula herself,” he said now. “She lives on We Made It, which is where I met Ted Doheny.

Clear the door, you boors! ” a voice shouted in his ear. Anonymous hands took his hand and forced the fingers around a drinking bulb. Louis hugged the seven or eight of his invited guests within the circle of his arms and smiled at his welcome. Louis Wu. From a distance he was an oriental, with pale yellow skin and flowing white hair. His rich blue robe was carelessly draped, so that it should have hampered his movements; but it didn’t. Close up, it was all a fraud. His skin was not pale yellow-brown, but a smooth chrome yellow, the color of a comic-book Fu Manchu.

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