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Airco DH.2 - Windsock DataFile forty eight КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Название: - Airco DH.2 Автор: B. J. grey Издательство: – Albatros Productions Ltd.Серия: Windsock DataFile 19Год: 1994 Язык: английскийISBN: 0-948414-63-4Формат: pdfРазмер: 9.06 MbAlthoughtGeoffrey De Havilland's DH.2 was once get pleasure from a few substantial luck opposed to the Fokkermonoplane it used to be no longer constructed in particular as a counter weapon to theEindecker, in reality the 1st DH.2 prototype flew within the early summer time of 1915just because the first Fokkers have been attaining front. The DH.2 has a safe a spot within the annals of air warfare... eighty five

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243). But again this gives rise to all the troublesome antinomies—intuitive/analytic, creative/critical, poetry/prose and so forth—which Empson was to pursue (though never resolve) through the various generic displacements of Pastoral irony. In Seven Types he can offer little more than the general observation that ‘a poetical word is a thing conceived in itself and contains all its meanings’, whereas ‘a prosaic word is flat and useful and might have been used 32 WI LLIAM E M P SON AN D TH E CLAI M S OF TH EORY differently’ (p.

For there is often more than a hint of the idea—one that Empson finds pervasively at work in Gray’s ‘Elegy in a Country Churchyard’—that no amount of social or political reform could ever significantly change the basic facts of human injustice, waste and inequality; that ‘gifted’ individuals somehow have a natural right to their class privileges, since after all they are the ones best fitted (whether by talent or breeding) to make good use of them; and therefore that such individuals should acknowledge the existing order—despite all its manifest imperfections—in a spirit of tragic pathos mixed with a certain melancholy irony.

All the same there are passages in Some Versions—and indeed whole aspects of the Pastoral genre as Empson conceives it—which can best be understood in the light of such ideas. ) Anyway, it would seem at least plausible to argue that these interests are somewhere in the background when Empson writes (in his chapter on the Alice books) that Pastoral may well involve reflection on ‘the mysteries of self-knowledge, the selfcontradictions of the will, the antinomies of philosophy, the very Looking Glass itself’ (SVP, p.

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