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But, aware of the strong force necessary for this purpose, these plans were finally substituted for 'measures exclusively under the point of view of procurement of workers' (telegram of the Imperial German government to the governor in Windhoek of 12 March 1980); quoted in Heinrich Loth, From Insurrection to an Organized Liberation Struggle ... , op. , p. 35. The colonial administration, therefore, in the further course of its 'civilising mission', relied upon methods of forcing the people of the northern regions into the emerging colonial-capitalist structures by integrating individual chiefs into the system and offering them benefits from cooperation in the field of labour supply.

Diaries. A missionary in Nama- and Damaraland. 5 volumes (Windhoek: Archives Services Division of the Department of National Education SWA/Namibia,1984-86). Johannes Lucas de Vries, op. , p. 128; for Damara communities adopting to exchange patterns dominated by merchant capital see Brigitte Lau, A Critique ... , op. , pp. 81 and 91. Union of South Africa, Report on the Natives of South-West African and their Treatment by Germany. Prepared in the Administrator's Office, Windhoek (London: His Majesty's Stationary Office, 1918), p.

The 'labour question' now came to the fore as the most burning issue. As the need for African workers increased, the chronic shortage of labour became the main economic problem. To increase the supply of badly needed labourers, colonial authorities made use of increasingly violent methods to recruit workers. Labourers for white farms, mines and railway construction became a much sought-after prize. The uncomprisingly violent character ofthe German colonial regime became even more obvious than before, as a strategy to force the black population into the colonial-capitalist economic system.

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