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Four instances of the module T_FF are created. Each instance is passed a set of signals. Notice, that //each instance is a copy of the module T_FF. T_FF tff0(q[0],clk, reset); T_FF tff1(q[1],q[0], reset); T_FF tff2(q[2],q[1], reset); T_FF tff3(q[3],q[2], reset); endmodule // Define the module T_FF. It instantiates a D-flipflop. We assumed // that module D-flipflop is defined elsewhere in the design. Refer // to Figure 2-4 for interconnections. module T_FF(q, clk, reset); //Declarations to be explained later output q; input clk, reset; wire d; D_FF dff0(q, d, clk, reset); // Instantiate D_FF.

6 Trends in HDLs The speed and complexity of digital circuits have increased rapidly. Designers have responded by designing at higher levels of abstraction. Designers have to think only in terms of functionality. EDA tools take care of the implementation details. With designer assistance, EDA tools have become sophisticated enough to achieve a close-to-optimum implementation. The most popular trend currently is to design in HDL at an RTL level, because logic synthesis tools can create gate-level netlists from RTL level design.

Q, Qbar, S, and R are port signals in instance m1. Hierarchical name referencing assigns a unique name to each identifier. To assign hierarchical names, use the module name for root module and instance names for all module instances below the root module. Example 4-8 shows hierarchical names for all identifiers in the above simulation. ) for each level of hierarchy from the root module to the desired identifier. n2 Each identifier in the design is uniquely specified by its hierarchical path name.

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