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I) The years within brackets indicate the years from which there are copies of these corantos in the collection at Kungliga Biblioteket . OF WESTERN EUROPE dagh den 24 M eert. The chief difference in the news in this coranto and Courante uyt Italien ende Duytschlandt, 0-c. I645 is that the news in the Thursday paper is mostly about the affairs of Northern Europe, and very seldom about Italy or South Germany. Whether this is because of the arrival of the post from different parts of Europe or not, I cannot maintain with surety, but it seems to be the case.

409. ") There are 165 copies of these three corantos in Kungliga Biblioteket. I) Kleerkooper & van Stockum, op. , I, p. 409. OF WESTERN EUROPE in Amsterdam. In the first place, Meininga introduced something new by adding short notices at the end of the last column on the verso side. These notices were made up of news which had arrived after the paper had gone to press. This news was always preceeded by the letters, P. , and its modern equivalent would very likely be "Stop Press News". In the second place, with the exception of a notice about books and pamphlets printed by the publisher himself, there were no advertisements in these news-sheets.

He called these extra numbers Courante extrodinarij, Ge. A few of these extras are in the collection at Kungliga Biblioteket; but, on the other hand, there is not a single one published by Broer Jansz. According to Emm. de Born 1, there are, in the previously mentioned collection in the Royal Library at the Hague (see p. 9), several extra numbers of Broer Jansz's coranto. All of these were, however, printed only on one side of the paper, while Hilten's were printed on both sides. Although, with the aid of the numbers on hand, it is possible to form a rather concrete idea about the standards which were followed in the set up of these corantos, it is nearly impossible to find anything about the organization whichlay behind them.

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