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In d dimensions, the size of spinors is roughly 2d/2 or 2(d−1)/2. Since the maximum number of supersymmetries is 32, the largest number of dimensions a supersymmetric theory can have is 11D. It is possible to have multiple supersymmetries and also have supersymmetric XDs. If we accept the postulate of M-Theory that matter resides on the 3brane along with the associated boundary conditions underlying the spinor elements of matter; along with duality/mirror symmetry this takes care of 6D. HAM cosmology is cast in 12D – 3 more for time and the final 3 for ‘piloting’ or the anthropic teleology for the continuous-state evolution of spacetime.

Most people would say this is incompatible with the expectation that our theories will be falsified. I adhere to the expectation that our theories will be falsified, and look for the immutable truth only in those theories that have already been falsified. is an example of the most certain and permanent truth man has ever achieved. Its only failing is its scope; it does not cover everything [29]. 10 The Holographic Anthropic Multiverse ‘The inherent tendency of an object to move toward its natural place depends on its composition.

The two main pillars of the Big Bang are the Doppler redshift and the Cosmic Microwave background Radiation (CMBR) which are formally addressed in Chap. 7. Here it is sufficient to make the challenge that Hubble discovered a cosmological redshift not a Doppler expansion of a Big Bang singularity. The COBE and WMAP satellites have found the CMBR to be a perfect blackbody radiation; but there is no reason to so stringently consider it solely as a relic of a Big Bang singularity. Experimental science began in earnest when Galileo demonstrated that heavier objects do not fall faster than lighter objects in opposition to the logical reason at the time.

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