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By Simon Tormey

ISBN-10: 1780742517

ISBN-13: 9781780742519

The monetary problem, financial institution bailouts, and the sprint to austerity have breathed new lifestyles into protest activities around the globe, and taken anti-capitalist rules to the mainstream. yet what does it suggest to be anti-capitalist? And the place is anti-capitalism going — if anywhere?

Simon Tormey explores those questions and extra within the in simple terms obtainable creation to the complete spectrum of anti-capitalist rules and politics. With nuance and verve, he introduces the reader to the big variety of positions and teams that make up the circulation, together with anarchists, Marxists, autonomists, environmentalists, and extra. offering crucial international and old context, Tormey takes us from the 1968 upsurge of radical politics to the 1994 Zapatista insurrection, the 1999 Seattle protests, and correct as much as Occupy and the uprisings around the Eurozone.

This is an engaging and ambitious exploration of ways to appreciate the realm – and the way to alter it.

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Also, there are many who find themselves in some middle place in these disputes. Again, this brief introduction is no place to expand on these debates, but they should be accounted for so as not to leave the reader with the assumption of the existence of some monolithic communist anarchism, which, quite obviously, does not exist. Other Unique Characteristics Aside from the tensions around vision among anarchist communists, collectivists, and mutualists, we argue that an anarchist economics is also unique because of the prefigurative nature of anarchism.

Beyond that, many anarchists are suspicious of visionary arguments and blueprints for the future, seeing anarchism as a conscious creation of the dispossessed and not a future that can be written within the context of the present. indd 25 12/7/11 6:30 PM 26 The Accumulation of Freedom Anarchism is not, as some may suppose, a theory of the future to be realized through divine inspiration. It is a living force in the affairs of our life, constantly creating new conditions. The methods of Anarchism therefore do not comprise an iron-clad program to be carried out under all circumstances.

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