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If the varied healing acquisitions of the earlier few years have enriched very varied fields of human pathology, it does appear that coronary pathology has been given very targeted recognition, as witness the big variety of antianginal medicinal drugs put on the disposal of the clinical career. there are many causes for this scenario, one in every of them most likely being that the medica tions successively proposed don't totally fulfill the practitioner and one other that the whole variety of members being affected by the clinicaI manifestations of heart illness bargains, through its dimension, an unlimited revenue power for the pharma ceuticaI undefined. This box of purposes opens up such customers that it has inspired a prolific volume of pageant among quite a few study laborato ries, and it's no exaggeration to assert that each significant enterprise has its individuaI anti anginaI drug in its healing cataIogue. one other issue has aIso contributed vastly to this proliferation of medi cinal arrangements meant for the remedy of angina pectoris: this can be the swift enhance in our knowIedge of the physiopathoIogy of angina, which in flip has produced originaI innovations of pharmacological and biochemical study. consequently, there have emerged new components whose motion mechanisms have claimed to be most suitable to the cardiovascular issues chargeable for cardiac discomfort.

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B See referenees [351] and [1816]. C Others admit taehyeardia as possible eause [597]. d See referenee [521].

There was marked reduetion in perfusion to the lung base after myoeardial infaretion. Patients with severe angina showed some underperfusion of the lower lung zones, but to a mueh less degree than those with acute myocardial infaretion. The pattem of pulmonary perfusion reverted toward that seen in angina in the follow-up studies of patients with infaretion. Distribution of ventiIation was normal in all patients. The resuIts of the study suggest therefore that there are probably chronic changes in the pulmonary vasculature of patients with arteriosclerotie heart disease whieh lead to redistribution of pulmonary blood How toward the apex, and that the marked underperfusion of the lung base demonstrated following aeute myoeardial infaretion reHeets an aeute inerease in the pulmonary venous and interstitial pressures most likely due to oceuIt left ventrieuIar faiIure.

XXXI 32 Pathophysiology of Angina Pectoris panied by inereased fiber length implying abnormal left ventrieular funetion. 2. , [1416] and [179 e]). Cireles: normal group. Squares: angina group. angina group. In the three groups: 1: during control period. 2: during atrial pacing. 3: during immediate post-pacing period. 4: during exercise. LVSWI accompanying the increase in haart rate during pacing is associated with a reduction in LVEDP according with the Starling relationship. b) The group without angina reaets in the same way as the normal group.

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